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New Kind of WiFi Vending Machine to Increase Your Revenue

Dear manager,

Wish you a great day!

We would like to recommend our "WiFi Vending Machine" to expand your existing vending machine business.

I know that you have rich experience in selling vending machine, so it's a great chance to get more revenue from your current business via our machine.

Our "WiFi Vending Machine" is a unique coin-operated machine to resell WiFi Internet service, that means when the end user of your vending machine gets a bottle of Coke, he can also enjoy WiFi Internet by inserting a coin in this machine while drinking his Coke.

This machine will be a best partner for your vending machine and increase your revenue, because WiFi is one part of our life no matter where we are, such as restaurants, airports, apartments, especially for oversea tourists.

Here are some Selling Points that may interest you:
1. Tap for WiFi: Very simple operation steps to get WiFi. No username and no password is required.
2. Self-Service Type: No need for additional supervision to save labor costs.
3. Coin-Operated: The coins usually come from the refund of your existing Vending Machine, which acts like a coin cycling system.

You can search this product on Google by the keyword “Tap Coin WiFi”.

Would you like to purchase a sample for test We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,
Ms. Chase Wan
Senior Sales Manager
Shenzhen Guanri Netcom Technologies Co., Ltd.
Whatsapp: +8618667018886
Tel: +86-755-26520916
Room 1905, Dongfang Technology Building, 15 Kefa Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 518057, P.R.China